Friday, April 27, 2007

Hats Off To Rescue Workers

All of us are well aware of what happened on 9-11-01, but I wonder how many people are aware that those EMS workers and other first responders are now suffering from all sorts of lung diseases. On 9-11 each of those first responders and then others went to help our friends and loved ones in the midst of that horrible act of terror. Now they are the next line of victims. I have no idea how many people will have died or been permanently injured as a result of those terrorist acts but I know it will be many more than died on that day.
The reason I wanted to write about this is that these Emergency Responders are having trouble paying for all of the health care that they need as a result of their work. It's not like these are the best paid people in the world who could afford it either. Many of them were volunteers receiving no pay and only recently I learned that a beginning EMS worker in Texas makes about $8.00 per hour. Imagine putting your life on the line for $8.oo per hour or for free.
Why do they do it? They do it because they care. They care about others. They care that people are suffering and they want to do something to alleviate that suffering. We hear a lot of talk about pay these days. I don't know anyone who makes enough money. I can't do anything about the pay that EMS workers, Fire Fighters, or Police Persons make, but I can pray for each of them. I can tip my hat to them. I applaud them.
So today, I call on each of my friends, to pray today for an emergency responder by name. I thank God for them and I pray God's blessings on them and their families. Grace and peace, Allen

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