Friday, December 01, 2006

Why Go to Church?

Ihave been thinking lately about why people should go to church. A friend of mine and I were discussing evangelism as well as getting folks to come back once they have dropped out and he asked the simple question, why should people go to church? Of course, I thought of lots of reasons only to realize that those were superficial reasons.

We can get our social needs met at a ball game or playing bingo at the Lions Club.
We can donate money to any charitable organization to help the poor.
We can volunteer at the hospital to help the sick.
We can tune into the PTL channel to get some preaching (although I am sure not as good as at our church - at least I hope so).
We can go on the Internet to read blogs or Bible study material and grow intellectually.

Let's see, why should people go to church? Afterall, we preachertypes are asking you to get up on the only morning you have to sleep in, get dressed up, drive to one location, sit on a padded pew and participate with other people, some of whom you may not even like. And that may only be the beginnning, because we are also going to ask you to volunteer, to give of your time, your talents and your service. You might also hear a sermon or a lesson which challenges your comfortable television theology.

Okay, why should people go to church? well, I have listed several good reasons from a CEO mentality, but let me offer you one that cannot be met anywhere else. At church, we offer hope to people who hurt. We offer comfort for those who suffer loss. We are not a hospital and we don't offer to fix your physical or mental ailments, but together, we do offer you a hand up to help you on your spiritual journey.

You can get a lot of the things we do at church other places, but I don't believe you can get the hope that we offer, because at church, we each offer it to one another. Do you go to church? Maybe you haven't been in a while because there are hypocrites at church. Okay, they are everywhere else too, but at church, at least we recognize that everyone is a sinner, even you. Okay, you may not have wanted to hear that but it is true.

I think, you and I both need the hope that can only come from a relationship with God and that comes from being in God's family of believers on Sunday or any other time we meet. Why not come by this Sunday and let's worship together. Allen